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hitting the region hard. with temperatures topping 100 degrees. >> it's official, folks. we're having a heatwave, and it's only going to get worse. good evening, i'm jim handly. >> i'm dorene gentzler. jim vance is off tonight. at least 22 deaths across the nation have been attributed to this heatwave. the dangerous hot weather is affecting more than 140 million americans across the country. more than a dozen states reached 100 degrees, and our region was no exception. we have a team of meteorologists covering the heat warnings. we begin with doug kammerer in the weather center. doug? >> starting off on a very hot day today. you woke up this morning, if you walked outside, you know what i'm talking about. it really just hits you like a ton of bricks out there, a very humid, soupy atmosphere. that's the way we're dealing with things outside right now. 98 degrees, the current temperature. our heat index, down from 112 now down to 109. so still a very hot and humid afternoon. temperatures around the region have been up there around 100 degrees. and we could do have that excessive heat warning which is
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now in effect through saturday. so we do expect to see a heat index between 105 and 115-plus. some areas could be near 120 tomorrow and into saturday. so that's why we have that heat warning and that's why it has been extended through the day on saturday. out there right now, current temperature into the 90s and one area around 100. winchester still at 100 degrees, but 99 in leesburg, 99 in man has as, and 96 towards la plata. the heat index 106 in manassas. 117 in fredericksburg, 115 in la plata and manassas around 103. we are going to cool off tonight, but it's not going to feel cool, trust me. it's going to be an extremely hot and humid night. 89 by 9:00, 87 by 11:00. waking up to temperatures in the 80s. we're not even going to drop below the 80s in many locations, it's democrfinitely going to fe hot and humid. but it's not just the heat you need to worry about. it's also the air quality. chuck bell is outside right now with a little bit more on that. chuck? >> thanks, doug.
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we have caught a little hint of a break today in that the breeze has stayed up. a southwest breeze at 10 to 15 miles per hour is, but the air quality worse. tomorrow we'll have nowhere near as much wind. and as a result, they have issued a code red air quality alert for tomorrow. what can you do, what should you do during a code red day? turn off as many lights, computers and appliances as possible. use as little amount of electricity as you can, since the air conditioners are going to be cranked up. avoid putting gas in your car, and also take fewer trips tomorrow. if you don't need to go, don't bother going. if you have to fuel your car up, fuel it up early in the day or late at night. and the other thing is, don't put any chemicals, if you're going to be watering your yard, don't put any kind of chemical on the plants, yard or garden, because it will absolutely cook in this heat, and it will do a lot more harm than good. i've tried everything to stay cool, doug. i've tried my cold water, i tried the umbrella fan, and now i'm going to try the old fashioned thing, surrender. i'm just going to go into the
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air conditioning. >> and i think you're about done for the day, chuck. so thanks for coming in today and i appreciate that. we'll be back a little bit later on to let you know just how long this heatwave is going to last. and i'll let you know when we also may see some relief. dorene? >> okay, doug, thank you. folks in maryland are using words like brutal and intense to describe our weather. many are seeking relief from the heat poolside. melissa melai is in college park. how did you draw that assignment, melissa? >> reporter: i don't know, but it's very sad when you can't get into the pool and so it's so so hot. the pool actually closed for the day. it's been very busy here today. no matter where you were, if you weren't in a pool, it was probably just plain hot. these construction workers building a deck in potomac know the drill. stay in the shade, stay hydrated. >> drink as much water as possible. so that's all we can do. there is nothing else we can really do. >> reporter: at this outdoor
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kids' camp in lay tonsville, they're used to these sweltering days. >> i eat lots of pop ankles. >> reporter: still on a hot one like today when popsicles quickly melt, the sun keeps beating down, and sprinklers are a must. >> running around and getting sprayed by water. >> reporter: it's all about staying in the shade or splashing in the pool. water relay races, a spin through the popular kid car wash, and reloads at the sunscreen station. >> kids don't panic. they come to camp like it's a regular day. definitely a little warmer, but if you walk around, they're still smiling, having fun. >> reporter: a few miles up the road, horses trying to beat the heat. fans scattered through the farm. riders here trying to keep them cool. and in the barn, for a bath. >> i'm just hosing him off, going forward. most of his veins are visible, which are under his belly and. >> reporter: the extreme heat
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not deterring serious pool lovers. >> it's really hot outside and we had nothing else to do? a great way to stay refreshed and keep those kids entertained. >> it's so hot. we have been here since it opened. it opened at 11:00 a.m. and we came here to stay out of the sun. >> reporter: no time to play for these guys, though. trying to keep their coolers as cold as possible, and their body temperatures down. >> tomorrow it might be 102, around there. so we might leave around 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon when it starts getting really hot. >> reporter: now, the pool was totally full earlier today. they're expecting the same thing tomorrow. they actually had to turn some kids away. and it was so tempting, i had to put my feet in, and i have to tell you, i kind of hate to report, it's not even that refreshing, it's so so warm. it feels like a bath. live in college park, melissa melai, news4 and i'm still hot. >> i think you've got to get your hair wet. >> i know. we don't want to do that on television. >> i understand. thanks, melissa melai reporting from college park. jim? >> don't drop that mic, either.
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most of are us are trying to keep cool by staying indoors, but some people chose to be outside in the heat today. jul julie carey is talking to some avid if not crazy golfers. julie? >> reporter: you've got to be some kind of die-hard golfer to tee up on a day like this, but for these guys who came outside today, it was a choice. for many others across our area, being outside was mandatory. just looking at this fairfax city blank clock is enough to make you break out in a sweat. it's a rare day when the temperature almost matches the time. >> it's 102. that's -- i knew it was hot today. >> reporter: does it feel like 102 to you? >> yeah. >> reporter: but even temperatures hovering around 100 degrees won't deter some golfers. >> we just had a wonderful game. >> reporter: these two made one concession to the heat. they took a cart rather than walking as usual. >> feel fine. i'm only 76. 77 i'll feel it.
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>> at the jeffer son district courts only a fraction were claimed today. those who got out got some special deliveries from the marshal. cold towels. they're cold. >> and it helps. >> it helps a lot. >> reporter: but if you think these guys are crazy to golf, take a look at betty hall. she fired up the grill this afternoon to cook her family's dinner. >> i'm thinking 115, 120 right now. in front of the grill. >> reporter: but that did not deter you. >> no. >> reporter: because? >> because i'm going to have dinner ready when my husband is home and, you know -- >> reporter: you get wife of the year today. >> no. >> for the golfers and the griller, being outside is a choice. for this v-dot crew whacking weeds along route 123 in mclean, it's a job requirement. >> it's terrible. it's horrible. you all see this? see the sweat? it's horrible. it's horrible. ridiculous. >> reporter: of course, the job to have on a day like this, if you want a warm welcome, is that of an air conditioning
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repairman. >> people are very happy. >> reporter: become at the jefferson district golf course, mentee of people teeing it up. they're going to bacon the course. but the rest of this park, the tennis court, playground, they are empty. back to you now. >> bet they are. julie carey, thanks. mark is warning commuters about the impact of the extreme heat on trains. riders should expect delays. and the demand for cool air is pushing air conditioning units to the limit. free water at union station to help passengers stay cool. we have more team coverage on the heat from the district. i'm tom sherwood. coming up on news4 at 6:00, it's not just people are having trouble in this heat. the city has thousands of young trees that desperately need water and the city needs your help. i'll have the story coming up. and our coverage of the heat warning continues throughout the evening. for the latest information on local cooling centers, visit, and you can
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join the conversation on twitter hash tag beat the heat. now to the other big story of the day. space shuttle "atlantis" landed on a runway at cape canaveral today, marking the end of the 30-year space shuttle program. for some of the nasa employees in our area, it was a day of mixed emotions. but for the people who got to see the touchdown in person in florida it was all cheers. jay gray joins us live from ken key space center with more. hi, jay. >> reporter: hey, dorene, you're right. a special day here at kennedy space center, a picture-perfect landing just before dawn on runway 15. amazing, and as you talk about, an emotional end to a very important chapter in u.s. space exploration. it can be hard to go home, especially when it's for the last time. >> its place in history secured. the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. its voyage at an end. >> reporter: and a close to an amazing chapter in the history of the space agency.
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>> thank you, "columbia" "challenger" "discovery" "endeavour" thank you for protecting us and bringing this to an end. god bless all of you and god bless the united states of america. >> reporter: they say history is in the eye of the beholder. many watching from mission control at johnson space center ro on the ground at kennedy. >> it's very emotional. >> reporter: are dealing with the end of three decades of dedication and service to the schultz program. >> a lot of people are leaving that i've been very close to. and it's, you know -- there's friends that are going to keep with you forever, you know? it's a family. >> reporter: a family that gathered through the day for one last up-close look, a final goodbye. >> sad, because i flew "columbia," that was the first time i was a commander, so i got an emotional tie to it. but it has done the country incredibly well. >> reporter: service reflected in the 30-year history of a program that has stretched the limits of our knowledge.
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>> i want our country to do fantastic things like this for the continued future. >> reporter: and the boundaries of our exploration and imagination. imagination that now turns to deep space. nasa hopes to send astronauts to an astroid and to mars in the next 20 years. live at kennedy space center, i'm jay gray. dorene, back to you. >> jay, we hope it won't be too long before we'll see you reporting from another event at kennedy space center. >> yeah, me too. >> all right, thank you, jay. when we come right back tonight on news4 at 6:00, the search for a killer of a transgender woman enters a new stage. tax hikes are back on the table in the debt limit talks, and at least one secret meeting to help get this deal done. a cancer risk for women may depend on your height. ♪ walmart shoppers get a surprise live performance with a very specific message. >> hakem, what's happening in sports? >> that's pretty cool.
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a little jamming on the drums there. that's pretty sweet. we're going to buzz over bryce harper. the nats play a weekend series in richmond. the washington kastles playing for an undefeated season and the nfl owners and players still searching for common ground on at the sleep number store, we have customers come in, "this hurts, that hurts." my back hurts, my neck hurts. my hip hurts. one of the brilliant things is that this bed can change with your body. if i'm in pain one day or i feel differently from day to day,
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nbc news has learned that democratic leaders from the house and senate were called to the white house for a meeting that started within the hour. the late development adds to a day of speculation that a debt limit deal might be within grasp. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: squeezed by the tea party on his right and by moderates on his left, house speaker john boehner is hypothetichinting publicly he's open to a deal with democrats. >> frankly, i think it would be irresponsible on behalf of the congress and the president not
6:16 pm
to be looking at backup strategies. >> reporter: since they golfed together in mid june, boehner and president obama have partnered, negotiating not just in the regular talks, one last night, but also meeting one-on-one in secret. no deal yet, but new hope for a grand bargain. >> there is the potential here for a significant agreement. >> reporter: the white house last night informed congressional democrats that the oba obama/boehner deal, if there is one, would raise revenue by closing tax loopholes and ending some deductions but would lower tax rates for individuals and corporations to win gop support. and house conservative leader paul ryan sounds supportive. >> cool heads will prevail, and we just want to cut spending. >> reporter: heads were still hot in the senate. >> all we need is 20 democrats to join us. >> reporter: republicans tried to pass the tea party-backed house plan. deep spending cuts, no tax hikes, and a balanced budget
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amendment. >> the republicans' so-called cut, cap and balance plan doesn't have one chance in a million of passing the senate. >> reporter: so what is possible? the obama/boehner grand bargain, 10 years, $4 trillion, spending cuts and tax hikes. the gang of six senate plan. and the reid/mcconnell back-up plan. short term, fewer cuts, just to prevent default. with twelve days to make a deal. if there is a boehner/obama deal, they'll have to take on not just the tea party, but liberals who will fit any medicare cuts sure to be part of any grand bargain. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. doug is here with more on this heat that is affecting all of us. >> and once again, today was just the start of really a three-day heatwave. we had high temperatures yesterday, 97 with a heat index of 104. but today was 99, the heat index today got up to 112 at its highest point in the d.c. area, maybe higher than that. outside right now, first off,
6:18 pm
let's show you how many people cool off. you know you go to the pool, right? well, the pool in this kind of heat is too hot. so you have to put in a little bit of ice. some of the pools in indianapolis were up around 90 degrees, and that simply will not cool your body down, so you throw in a little bit of ice or in this case a couple hundred bags of ice and you've got yourself a party. that guy has the right idea, helping to cool things off. yesterday they had extreme heat, 111 yesterday out towards end afternoon list for a heat index today. they're down just a little bit. high temperature today did get up to 99 degrees at the airport. excessive heat warning has now been extended through the day on saturday, because it won't be just this hot again tomorrow, but saturday is going to be about where we are during the day today. some areas did make it up to 100 degrees, including places like frederick, maryland, toward fredericksburg, winchester around 100, but 98 degrees the current temperature now. our heat index 109. there is a little breeze, which does help about this much.
6:19 pm
99 right now in martinsburg, still 100 toward winchester. manass manassas, leesburg, the cooler spots right along the bay. camerage, 88. it's the heat index we're worried about. 117 in fredericksburg. 115 this la plata. 113 on the eastern shore and 106 in frederick. let's zoom into the metro area, because they would be even higher. look at reston, a heat index of 114. 115 at andrews air force base. 118 at huntingtown and warrenton, 123. they're now at 117. these are numbers we just do not see in our area very often. but i think we're going to see them again tomorrow. and then again on saturday. no relief in sight as far as any cloud cover is concerned. no rain on tap, either. i don't expect to see any chances of rain. slight chance tomorrow, but then i think a better chance over the next few days. so hazy, hot and humid conditions remaining around the
6:20 pm
area for the day tomorrow. even hotter tomorrow, i think. then on saturday, we start to see a frontal boundary move down. maybe a shower or two late in the afternoon. but this front will bring some relief as it moves across the area late saturday night into the day on sunday. better chance of showers and storms on our sunday, and i also think temperatures will drop and the humidity will drop enough that we'll just call it an average july afternoon. anything but an average july afternoon today. mostly clear, 90 to 95 degrees. tomorrow morning, temperatures extremely warm. 76 to about 82. no relief as far as the humidity is concerned. extremely uncomfortable tomorrow morning. dreamily hot tomorrow afternoon. heat index between 110 and 120. warmer than today with the hazy sunshine. 97 to 101. normally tomorrow would be our backyard weather day. but we're not going to be able to get out there with this extreme heat, because the first thing we say there, stay indoors. so we're not going to go out. drink plenty of water if you are out there working.
6:21 pm
check on the elderly, bring pets inside if they are out. and remember, just a couple of things to think about in this extreme heat, 101 tomorrow, 100 on saturday and we see some relief. 94 on sunday, 90 monday. but a 40% chance of storms each day. and it does look like next week we may even drop down to average, which is about 89 degrees coming up on tuesday. so -- >> wouldn't that feel great after this? >> to get the average. >> thank you, doug. coming up next on news4 at 6:00 tonight, a costly crime and the hunt is on for the vre slashe
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stifling temperatures continue to grip much of the country tonight. nearly half of the u.s. population, some 140 million people in two dozen states are
6:25 pm
under heat advisories now. at least 20 deaths have been blamed on the heat nationwide. there are thousands of power outages, mostly across the midwest. a springfield man is behind bars tonight for the murder of his father. police in pennsylvania arrested richard hanson on a warrant shortly after midnight. his father was shot to death inside his home along chancellor way in springfield tuesday night. police caught up with richard hanson after someone spotted his car in a scranton hotel parking lot. he is currently waiting to be arraigned in pennsylvania on fugitive charges. he also faces further court hearings about his extradition to virginia. virginia train officials are asking riders to help them catch a serial seat slasher. somebody has been vandalizing seats over the last month and a half. according to the "washington
6:26 pm
examiner" at least 21 seats have slashed. a vra spokesperson says many of the seats were slashed on the manassas line trains at night. the struggling u.s. postal service is considering closing 3,600 offices on tuesday. the agency will release the list of offices they're evaluating for closure. this move comes as mail volume is way down nationwide. the postal service lost $8 billion in revenue last year. it's partly because of the recession. also because of e-mail and online bill paying. also on tuesday, the post master general is set to announce a new concept to replace offices that have been shut down. for the first time in 41 years, a marine is set to get the nation's highest military honor. the pentagon says the president will award the medal of honor to dakota meier. in 2009, meier charged into a remote taliban-controlled village in afghanistan, looking for four members of his team. he found them shot to death.
6:27 pm
even though he was already wounded by shrapnel, meier helped carry his comrades from the kill zone. meier is from kentucky, and was later based in hawaii before he left active duty last year. meier will join two army sergeants as the only living medal of honor recipients from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. coming up on news4, a bill challenge for metro not middle of a heatwave. ♪ a musical group protesters took center stage in a walmart store. staging a war between the states was not an easy task in triple digit heat. the family of la-shea mclean makes a plea for the killer to come forward. this as police pass out this reward poster in this troubling case of murder. i'm pat collins. the story, coming up. news4. coming up in sports, another twist in the always-changing nfl labor talks. plus, the nats' bryce harper
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trying to slug hes way out of a slump make
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the shuttle "atlantis" landed safely at kennedy space center this morning, bringing the 30-year shuttle program to an end. nasa hopes to send astronauts to an astroid and mars in the next 20 years. "atlantis" will go on did he say play at the kennedy space center. democratic leaders from the house and senate from called to the white house for a meeting that started about an hour ago. they're talking about the debt limit. it's too soon to know whether there is any progress on a deal with republicans. and the searing heat is simmering over our expire region this evening. that is still under a heat warning. and this isn't going away any time soon, is it, doug? >> no, it's only getting worse. 98 degrees out there, the heat
6:32 pm
index at 109 today. at one point, we saw a heat index of 112. tomorrow i think could be even hotter. i'll explain that coming up in a couple minutes. and also, how high can our heat indexes go? i'll show you. for each individual city in just a bit. >> thank you, doug. all around washington, the extreme heat had people struggling today. >> but it's not just people suffering in these high temperatures. tom sherwood has our report. ♪ >> reporter: it was too hot for tourists to enjoy the national mall merry go round. meridian hill park in northwest washington is one of the most popular parks in the city. but on this hot day, nobody is here. the parks were empty. the d.c. recreation department cancelled all outside activities until sunday. it's hot. but hundreds of people braved the heat to show up for a job fair in northeast washington. what's tougher, the job market or the heat? >> both. i think it's on an equal level right now.
6:33 pm
>> it's not too hot to find a job. nothing is going to stop me from finding a job. unfortunately, i've been saying that for two years now. >> reporter: some transit riders were complaining of nonworking air conditioning, including 28-year-old samantha soul of arlington. >> i'm pregnant and i almost passed out yesterday and today, because it's just so hot. it's humid in there, too. >> the best thing for customers to do is use the intercom on board to notify the train operator. they can radio ahead and have those car maintenance folks step aboard either to troubleshoot and if they can't fix it, they'll take the car out of service. >> reporter: it's not just people suffering the heat. d.c. has thousands of newly planted trees, is rushing to keep the water and is asking for help. what are you asking people to do? >> well, basically, adopt a tree, become a canopy keeper. it's simple. we water 20, 25 gallons a week for the remainder of the summer and the next two years for newly planted trees. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington.
6:34 pm
the victim from this morning's police-involved shooting in fairfax county has been identified. his name is ricardoly on. neighbors say he was a marine. police received a disturbance call this morning at a townhome in the 6100 block of kendra way in centerville. police say they fired atly on after he refused to stop and drop his weapon. the four officers involved are on paid routine administrative leave while this is investigated. the person behind a murder and suspected hate crime remains at large tonight. 23-year-old lashay mclean, a transgender woman was shot to death in northeast washington yesterday. now her family is making an emotional plea for the killer to come forward. pat collins has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: in northeast, a lot of police attention on the murder of lashay mclean, a transgender person, shot and killed yesterday on dick street.
6:35 pm
the reward posters have been printed. they'll be circulated tonight, as detect testifies continue to look for clues, a motive and a suspect in this case of murder. lashay mclean, known to some as miles mclean. dead at age 23. police say lashay mclean was walking down this street with another transgender. they encountered two men. some words exchanged. one of the men pulled a gun, fired a shot and lashay fell dead to the ground. police looking into the possibility this could be a hate crime. at the mclean family home in southeast, a great deal of sadness over what happened. lashay mclean has three brothers, and seven sisters. today i talked to lashay's
6:36 pm
grandmother, and great grandmother. >> it's just the worst tragedy i've ever gone through. never in my life have i seen people so mean and so cruel to do things to people like that. especially he didn't deserve it. >> i just don't know what to say about it. i just hope whoever did it feels in their heart to come forward and turn themselves in. >> reporter: a vigil for lashay mclean is planned for saturday, on dick street, at the murder scene. i'm pat collins, news4, washington. >> an effort is under way to revive the gay marriage bill in maryland. the mesh was approved by the maryland senate but it stalled in the house. governor martin o'malley says his office will work harder to get it approved. in january, governor amally is expected to announce details tomorrow more than. and health officials in maryland are taking steps toward
6:37 pm
banning the sale of synthetic drugs known as bath salts. today the department of health and mental hygiene added bath salt to the controlled dangerous substances list. they say bath salts pose a significant threat to public health. when ingested, users can develop cardiac problems, delirium and paranoia, symptoms that can last for weeks. there have been 22 cases of poisoning in maryland alone, including one death. shoppers at the walmart in laurel, maryland were interrupted by a very noisy flash. ♪ ♪ >> yesterday the group respect dc used the aretha franklin song to demand better pay and benefits for walmart workers. walmart responded by saying, quote, real d.c. residents know that singing and dancing are not solutions for people who need access to quality jobs and
6:38 pm
affordable groceries. walmart has stores planned in wards 4, 5, 6 a 7. >> coming up on news4, snapshots of the first beatles' concert in the u.s., evsuch a price the
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6:41 pm
2340i78. welcome back, storm center 4 just outside our studios, right there, the bottom of our screen, 100 degrees in northwest. but at the airport, currently 98 degrees with plenty of sunshine, and that sun is helping to heat things up. our heat index now 109. what are we expecting tomorrow? i do think high temperatures will be a little bit warmer tomorrow. around 101 inside the city, about 100 in manassas, 100 in culpeper, 101 in fredericksburg, 9 of in annapolis, but what about the heat index? i also think those will be warmer, so let's take you through the next few hours. and first off, we're starting this at 8:00 tomorrow morning. look at the heat index in washington, around 98 degrees, 95 in manassas. this is at 8:00 tomorrow morning. look what happens around 4:00 in the afternoon. 115 in washington, 118 in
6:42 pm
manassas and culpeper, 118 as well in frederick. so why not cool things down? i told you i would be bringing you some cool pictures. this from fairfax station during last year's big snowstorm. >> and now you probably couldn't even sit at that patio table with the umbrella. it's too scorching hot even to sit down on it. all right. thanks, doug. in news4 your health tonight, there may be a greater cancer risk for women who are tall. researchers found that for every four-inch in increase in height, women had a 16% increase in cancer risk. the study in the journal "lancet" found a link including breast, ovariaovarian, colon an cancers, but scientists can't figure out why. it could involve women's growth hormones. they also point out that height does have advantages, closing a lower rate of heart disease. >> a d.c. photographer who snapped some rare stills of the beatles has been richly rewarded
6:43 pm
nearly 50 years later. mike mitchell was just 18 years old when the beatles came to washed for their first u.s. concert back in 1964. he got these pictures of the band's arrival, their first news conference, and the concert. the negatives stayed in his basement for nearly half a century. he dusted them off recently and had them developed. last night, the collection sold at christie's auction house up in new york for more than $360,000. more than three times what christie's expected. pretty amazing. >> yeah, makes you want to go in the basement in the back of the closet and see if you have anything interesting. wow. >> so what you are eyeing is to the little kids out there with the justin bieber photos -- >> hold on to them. >> save your bieber fever. coming up in sports, nfl owners and players still working on a way to end the work stoppage. the nationals' bryce harper talking about his recent challenges on the diamond. plus, how pouting was
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6:45 pm
6:46 pm
not deal time, dinnertime. nice to know they're being well-fed. they're eating now, just like most of the folks watching us, maybe having a nice meal and enjoying their evening, i guess.
6:47 pm
but we want to get a deal done. >> yes. >> on the table. >> yes. we do want one on the table. we want the menu to say deal done. nflpa executive director demaurice smith said this afternoon if you're expecting a major announcement, you're not going to get one. the owners are expected to vote today on whether to accept a new labor agreement. one of the issues is how the players will vote to become a union again. basically, what that means is to complete a deal, the league would like the players to agree to recertify as a union. all 32 owners are in atlanta today, and as part of the proposed settlement, it's been reported that the ten players who filed the antitrust lawsuit against the nfl will not receive any financial gain. also, the franchise tag rule on players would not change as part of the new collective bargaining agreement. here's demaurice smith first, followed by falcons' owner, arthur blank. >> we continue to talk. there are some issues that are outstanding left to resolve. and i know there's been a lot of
6:48 pm
questions about what happens if the players or the process of becoming a union again. the decision to decertify was important, because at the time we were a real union. and the decision for our players as men to come back as a union is going to be an equally serious and very sober one they have to make. >> i'm optimistic we'll get a vote today and i'm optimistic it will be a positive vote today and we'll be opening up training camps next week and looking forward to football. >> players scheduled an 8:00 conference call tonight with their executive committee and player reps in hopes of resolving the outstanding issues. talking baseball now. the nationals have the day off today. they start a three-game series tomorrow in los angeles against the dodgers. meanwhile, nats number-one pick bryce harper and the harrisburg senators start in richmond against the flying squirrels, one of my favorite nicknames of minor league baseball. harper is off to a slow start
6:49 pm
with aa harrisburg in 11 games, harper is 6 for 35. harper was promoted to harrisburg after dominating in hagers town. however, there will be a few growing pains for the 18-year-old phenom and harper says he will remain patient. >> it's pretty quick. and, you know, i'm just really excited to be here and really happy to be here, and i'm going to play hard. and you know, i just -- i'm going to give it to a higher power and figure out what they want to do with me. and everybody at top, they do a great job of everything. and i couldn't ask for a better organization. ever since i got drafted, you know, i was really excited to start playing for this organization. we've got a great group of guys in the minor league systems, and, you know, we've got to -- we've got a great club coming up. and i'm really excited to see what happens the next couple years. >> and so are nats' fans. love to see him here in the next few seasons. tennis now. the washington kastles are attempting to make history tonight. the kastles are 13 and 0 and play the regular season finale
6:50 pm
at home against philadelphia. if they win, the kastles would become just the second squad in world team tennis history to complete a perfect regular season. last night, kastles were on the road against the new york sport times. and the kastles' serena williams against martina00 guess, and hingis returns to, tries to get to another shot, serena does and then she is running so fast, has to hurdle the net. she lost the point, but serena was a-okay. because in women's doubles, rennae stubbs, far court, serena at the net, this is phenomenal. push away the volley, sweet shot there. kastles go on to win 23-15. doing a little dance right there. so coach murphy jensen, can your team go 14 and 0? >> we can do it. we've got a team that when other teams come to play us, they're asking us to give them one. and, you know, what do you say to that? no thank you? we've got a sold-out house again that expects a really
6:51 pm
high-quality of tennis. and they're now expecting us to win every night, which is a little bit of pressure on me and a little bit of pressure on the players. but like i said all along, you know, the d.c. community eats pressure for breakfast. >> maybe my favorite line ever. the d.c. community eats pressure for breakfast. >> let's hope they like it warm. >> you're right. good point. 100 degrees at the wharf stadium tonight taking on philadelphia trying to go 14 and 0. golf now. the news came out yesterday that tiger woods fired his caddy stevie williams. williams, however was not as cordial saying, quote, i've wasted the last two years of my life, end quote. today in england, the first round of the senior british open. actor bill murray here hanging out on the course. know attention a thing or two about golf. one of the best shots from tom kite. his third shot outside the bunker, right at the pin. oh, so close. he would tap in for birdie. kite is even for the tournament,
6:52 pm
tied for 27th. one of your leaders, mark calcaveci. of this is how you get up and down here folks. lands feet away from the hole, rolls nice and close, tied for first. rough day for marco mera. on the 16th in the bunker and he's not getting out of the bunker. lands at his feet. see it again. this is one of the tougher shots to make in golf. bogeyed the hole. but good news, at 1 under tied for 13. finally, at a baseball game last night in arizona, milwaukee's rickie weeks tosses the ball into the stands. kid in the black hat drops it. oh, man. then someone gives the ball to the kid in the red t-shirt. he's pumped. other kid is upset. the other boy here in the red t-shirt realizes he took the ball away from the other little kid so, you know, he's a nice guy. and he goes back down, and gives the ball back to the rightful owner. how nice is that? >> oh, that's a very, very, very
6:53 pm
nice. okay so now in san francisco. foul ball into the stands. watch the kid in the gray giant sweatshirt. look very closely. ball lands one row from where he is sitting and the girl here in front gets the ball. she is stoked. a little boy not so much. she thinks about it for a couple seconds and goes, oh, man. so then he tries to explain to his dad. look, dad, i had it. i really had it. i mean, it was mine. dad says, son, you're not entitled to it. you're not entitled to that, my friend. son, you just need to sit there. then a member of the tv crew shows up and gives this kid a baseball. proving that i guess pouting is worthwhile sometimes. but at least he learned a lesson there. >> exactly. >> dad says -- >> pouting on camera is a lot more effective than off capra. right. like having a temper tantrum at the grocery store. >> right. coming up, the 150th anniversary of the civil war, despite the heat. and for all your news, be sure to check out news4
6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
150 years ago today, the first major battle of the civil war was fought in manassas. and despite the sweltering heat, nearly 1,000 people attended tod today's kickoff of the four-day event. derrick ward has more on the manassas national battlefield park event. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: for those planning to attend the commemoration of the first battle of bull run, expect to see some things dmobl associated with the civil war, and you can also expect to have some of your notions challenged. >> now, did we have any anesthesia in the civil war? >> no. >> been watching too much television. >> reporter: while battlefield medicine may have been brutal by today's standards, they didn't always have to bite a bullet. chloroform and ether had come into use, and perhaps you believe that everyone had either a blue or a gray uniform. it was actually a quite colorful conflict. like the french-inspired
6:58 pm
uniforms. even uniforms that harkened back to earlier conflicts, like those of the continental morgan guards, a militia out of shenandoah. >> they took the union formform continental soldier. >> reporter: it's like stepping back through time. walk gingerly and respectfully. the object is not to glorify war, but the lessons it leaves in its tragic wake. this is just so amazing. i'm so glad, like i said, to share with my grandkids. >> we've got to keep the history alive. >> reporter: things spectators should remember is the skurmishes aren't taking place on the actual battlefields. they're hallowed ground. they're doing it in adjacent lands so as to pay homage and not violate the sankty of the place where so many died. in manassas, derrick ward, news4. >> making us really hot to see those people in those woolly
6:59 pm
uniforms. >> it was really hot then, 150 years ago. amazing thing, you had about 1,000 spectators then, they were all like hey, a war, let's check it out. really amazing 150 years ago. as far as our weather is concerned, you talk about 150 years, how about 101 as far as the temperature goes? hazy, hot and humid again tomorrow and saturday. but i think we'll see some relief sunday and into monday. very good news there. >> all right. thank you, doug. if by any chance you will be traveling in northern china in the near future, there's a road that you will want to avoid. it's the beijing-tibet highway in inner mongolia. construction projects have caused a 60-mile backup. according to china state tv, it took some drivers more than 40 hours -- 40 hours on one highway. many drivers are complaining, there is no information posted about detours, and it's hard to get off this highway. a similar traffic jam last august stranded drivers for nine

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